Photo Credits

Tinky with nephew Michael
Tinky with nephew Michael

Where would we be without our friends? The photos on these pages will be taken by the following talented and generous individuals:


– Peter Beck, my neighbor in Hawley, Massachusetts, who knows everything there is to know about design, food, and friendship;


– Judith Christian, my mother’s neighbor in Millburn, New Jersey, who is joyously coming into her own as a talented poet and photographer;


– Leigh Bullard Weisblat, my sister (in law and under the skin), who can do just about anything (she even cleaned my study!);


As time goes by we will doubtless add to these rolls. I’m even hoping to learn to take pictures myself, although I never seem to understand the concept of focus.


2 Responses to “Photo Credits”

  1. Jim Littrell Says:


    You didn’t get that young man drunk, did you?????? What’s in that punch?

  2. tinkyweisblat Says:

    Just cider, I promise!

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